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Athens Conservatoire | November 2023

Mato Ioannidou

“Mimesis of an action”

Monday 6 – Tuesday 21 November 2023

Athens Conservatoire

The visual artist Mato Ioannidou presents her new solo painting exhibition, entitled “Mimesis of an action”, at the Athens Conservatoire, from Monday 6 to Tuesday 21 November 2023, in collaboration with the Drama School of Athens Conservatoire.

The exhibition, curated by Art Historian Giorgos Mylonas, includes 51 mixed media works on paper or canvas (2019-2023), inspired by archetypal figures of iconic works of ancient Greek tragedy. As the artist states:  “Are we also not those figures? My need to refer to archetypes perhaps has to do with my sense that we are in danger today, in an era of virtual reality and ‘intact’ transactions, of losing the depths of human existence to a resultant outburst of irrational violence. Internal conflict, the intensity of the tragic figures, their decisions, their actions, their confrontations, their redemption; the ‘human’ in its entirety which is at stake, expressed through the medium of art without the need for narrative or other graphic elements”.

The exhibition-installation “Mimesis of an action” is organized in collaboration with the Drama School of the Athens Conservatoire (Director: Konstantinos Arvanitakis). In the same place, students of the 2nd year will present a theatrical action, on scheduled days and times, under the guidance of professor Eleana Tsichli. “The theme of Matos Ioannidou’s works with faces of ancient tragedy reminds us of ancient myths and tragic texts”, notes Ms. Tsichli. “Students will try to approach the tragic archetypes in a stage composition, to bring the depicted figures to life, to give them movement, flesh and speech, in order to answer the question of what the tragic hero is today.”

“Mimesis of an action”

Athens Conservatoire, Polychoros Ω, Rigillis & Vas. Georgiou B’ 17-19

Opening of the exhibition: Monday 6 November 2023, 19:00

Duration & opening hours: Monday 6 – Tuesday 21 November 2023, daily except Sunday, 13:00-21:00

Theatrical event: Saturday 11/11, 19:30, Thursday 16/11, 20:30, Saturday 18/11, 19:30.

Duration: One hour.

Exhibition curator: Giorgos Mylonas, Art Historian

Stage manager: Eleana Tsichli, professor at the Drama School of the Athens Conservatory

Lighting: Fotini Matzoglou, Set Designer

Entry to the exhibition is free for the public.

Contact-Information: Vassilis Kimoulis,, 697-3310089

In collaboration with the Drama School of the Athens Conservatory


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